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Why Cake Popsicals

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

I just can't get enough of cakesicles at the moment. Cake pops have been popular for years but cakesicles are much more up my street. For anyone that doesn't know cakesicles are a combination of bespoke cake and buttercream, topped with delicious chocolate and decorations to suit and they are delivered like ice popsicles on a with sustainable wooden stick.


When I first tried cake pops, my chocolate was lumpy, the consistency of the cake was either too buttercream and sweet or too dry. I would then stick my perfectly made ball into the chocolate only for it to be too heavy and fall off the sticks, finding myself covered in a sticky chocolate mess. Any one else been there?

Miracle Mould!

Finally after much practice with the ingredients to get the perfect combination of cake and buttercream, I decided to try the cakesicle mould using the chocolate in mould method and hallelujah! A miracle mould! For those that want to try these, you can buy the moulds on Amazon. I will do a follow up post in the coming weeks with my cake popsicle method, tips and tricks.

Why Cakesicles...

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am currently exploring incorporating these more into my business. They are so versatile & look really elegant for weddings and parties. They work well on a displayed on a dessert table feature and great as wedding favours on the tables. They give an added touch of luxury at a hen party, baby shower or christening either as gifts or on the dessert tables. And I am hoping in the coming month to be able to offer these nationwide delivery in Blossom Bakehouse gift boxes.

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