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Greek Travels - Parga

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

I have recently just been on my travels to Parga in Greece. I went to the Greek Islands for holidays growing up but its the first time I have been back as an adult and I loved it! It was so peaceful and serene. I mean just look at that blue sea!


I love to explore and try the local cuisine. Greek food is at the top of my list and it did not disappoint. From amazing seafood to gyros - which for those of you don't know this is Greek street food for around €2.50...slow cooked meat, tzatziki, salad and fries all wrapped into a warm, soft Greek pitta. My mouth is watering just thinking about them! Naughty but Nice!

Greek Cake

The Greeks also do cake so well!

We found the most amazing little garden cafe up a little back street, that I would highly recommend, called The Green Cafe. They did a wide selection of baked goods and we went back several times for the divine coffee and orange cake - as pictured on the left. The cake actually has oranges cooked into it and the juices of the orange seep into the cake making it so moist and delicious. I am totally inspired and will to try making a similar cake flavour and method in the future.

They have amazing ice cream parlours around the town. I had this amazing peanut butter ice cream when we went to the island of Paxos for the day which was just over an hour on a boat ride, with a pit stop at Antipaxos for anyone that wanted a swim. I love to swim, but in May that water was a tad cold, so decided to just admire the amazing views from the boat on this occasion. Paxos is a little more up-market and very quaint. The island is perfect for those that enjoy the peace and quiet, soaking up the Greek atmosphere. I would certainly enjoy spending a week on the island, exploring and actually making it to the beach of Antipaxos next time too!

The return boat trip was a little choppy so we all stopped for a well deserved cocktail on the way back to the apartments. Apparently the Greeks don't just do food well but also cocktails - look at that bad boy. The barbie cocktail from the Geoker Bar (our favourite bars with lovely views of the sea on the promenade) was topped with penny sweets - perfect for my sweet tooth.

Greece is one of those places, especially the islands that is so welcoming and relaxing that you can't help but just have the most amazing holiday. I would highly recommend anyone that hasn't been, goes. Because we all deserve a little piece of paradise in our lives...

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